1. Open Box 

2. Pull out base 

3. Locate the casters

4. With a firm grip on the base push casters into the open slots  

5. Put the base on the ground 

6. Take out the Gas lift 

7. Insert the wider end of the gas lift into the hole in the center of the base

8. Next you will need to locate the hole in the mechanism which is attached to the seat  

9. And carefully put it on the gas lift 

10. Next, attach the back to the mechanism 

11. Insert the other end of the backrest to the upright bar of the seat pan. Make sure to line up the three holes found on both parts.

12. Start tightening the screws with the washers but not all the way. Wait until each screw is in by a couple of threads before you fully tighten, otherwise, it will be harder to line up the holes.

13. Now you can attach the headrest. The following instructions are directed as if you were looking at the chair from behind the backrest. The headrest should be packed fully assembled The back of your chair will have a knob attachment with pre-determined washers and shims.

14. Remove the knob. Align the headrest arm to the right side of the knob on the back. Reinsert the knob.  

15. Hand tighten the knob clockwise until the head rest stays in place.

See the attached PDF for the Assembly Instructions: