We use an online platform called Zoom to run our Gokhale Exercise programs. It is simple to use, but here are a few quick tips.


  1. Download and install Zoom software onto your device from this website: https://zoom.us/. Computers (laptops or desktops) are preferable to tablets.

  2. Test that Zoom is installed correctly before joining our daily programs by clicking on this link to create a mock Zoom meeting.

  3. Zoom basic functions (all along the bottom edge of the Zoom window):

    1. Audio toggle button (unmuted/muted) is in the bottom left corner of the Zoom window and looks like a microphone.

    2. Video toggle button (no video/video) is just to the right of the audio toggle button and looks like a video camera.

    3. Participants list toggle button (hidden/visible) is in the center-left along the bottom of the Zoom window and looks like two human figures. Clicking here opens a side panel with a list of the meeting participants. Click again to hide the list.

    4. Chat box toggle button (hidden/visible) is to the right of the participants list and looks like a speech bubble in a comic strip. Clicking here opens a side panel where you can communicate with the other participants in text, including the moderator who can provide assistance and answer questions. Click again to hide the chat.

    5. Reactions menu toggle button (hidden/visible) is near the bottom right corner of the Zoom window and looks like a smiley face. Clicking here opens the reactions menu, where you can click various buttons to react during the program. This is also where you can raise your digital hand to be sure the moderator connects with you. Click again to hide the reactions menu.

    6. The Leave Meeting button is in the bottom right corner of the Zoom window and is bright red. After the Q&A, when the program has completely ended, click here to leave.

  4. Having trouble raising your hand? You may need to update your Zoom account. Please make sure you have updated to the latest version of the software by clicking this link and reinstalling Zoom if necessary.

  5. If you need more help during the program, please private message the moderator in the chat box in the Zoom meeting so they can assist you promptly.


If this is your first time attending a Gokhale Method online webinar, we recommend you watch this short instructional video on how to join a Zoom meeting: https://youtu.be/vFhAEoCF7jg