Synchro-Tilt Adjustment 

Seat Height Adjustment

To raise the chair, lift the paddle up while lifting your weight from the seat until you reach the desired height. Release the paddle to lock it into place. To lower the chair, lift the paddle up allowing your weight to push the seat down to the desired height. Release the paddle to lock it into place.

Tension Control

Leaning back in the chair, decide if the resistance of the chair is comfortable. If it is too stiff, rotate the tension knob counterclockwise. If the chair does not provide enough resistance, turn the knob clockwise.

Tilt Lock

To adjust the recline angle, pull the paddle up to unlock it. Recline to the desired position and push the paddle down to lock it into place.

Back Adjustment

Backrest Adjustment 

1. Raise the back all the way up. This will release the mechanism and allow you to move the backrest down. 

2. Let the backdrop down to the bottom setting. Push down firmly on the top of the back, you will hear a click sound or feel it in your hands. 

3. Ratchet up 1 notch at a time


Reset Backrest

If you are experiencing difficulty in adjusting your Ratchet Back, ensure you are following all of the steps carefully. First, to reset the cycle FIRMLY lift the backrest until the maximum height is reached. The internal mechanism will reset and the back will drop down. FIRMLY press the backrest downwards until you hear a click and the cycle will start over. Lift the backrest upwards to reach the desired height


Headrest Adjustment 

The headrest has three points of contact. These three joints can adjust and accommodate any user's needs. Turning the top joint and middle one allows the headrest to adjust the height (up and down). The headrest can also be adjusted depending on the depth (forward or backward) by turning the middle and bottom joints

Safety First!  Always keep your feet on the ground. The Gokhale Executive Chair allows you to recline and lean back in great comfort. However, for your safety and the chair's longevity, we advise you to always keep your feet on the ground. Vigorous rocking while leaning too far back, could make the chair tip back. 

See the attached PDF for the Adjustment Instructions