Installing a new chair gas lift is easy, but removing the old one can be quite a task. This

step-by-step guide will assist in the entire process.

Safety First!

Please remember to use extra care when removing and installing your chair’s Cylinder/Gas

Lift. Wear protective gloves and ask a friend for help if you need assistance.

Please follow the attached PDF to successfully change your gas lift.

Here is a summary of the steps: 

Step 1 - Raise the Gas Lift

  1. Use the chair gas lift lever to raise your office chair or stool to the highest position. (This releases the pressure inside the old gas lift).

  2. Gently lay the office chair on its side. Note: If your chair gas lift is so worn out that the piston no longer lifts, proceed to step 2.

Step 2 - Attach Shaft Collars

  1. Using an old rag or paper towel, wipe away any grease from the area of the gas lift which extends into the chair’s control mechanism. This is what the shaft collars will attach to.  (This is important to ensure the shaft collars can get a firm grip.)

  2. The provided shaft collars separate into two pieces.  Separate them and attach them to the old gas lift using the shorter screws and Allen Wrench.

Step 3 - Attach Shaft Collars (cont.)

  1. Tighten the screws so both the shaft collars are hugging the gas lift, but make sure they can easily slide along the gas lift. Slide both shaft collars as close as you can to the chair seat.

  2. Tighten only shaft collar B so it clamps the gas lift very tightly and is not able to slide. (note: make sure the threaded holes in both shaft collars are not directly aligned)

Step 4 - Thread in Screws

  1. Use the 2 longer provided screws to thread into shaft collar B (this one should be clamped tight against the gas lift).

  2. Using the Allen wrench, tighten both screws evenly so they begin to press against the shaft collar A.

Step 5 - Remove Old Gas Lift

  1. As you continue to tighten these screws, shaft collar A will start to slide and the gas lift will pull away from the chair seat. NOTE: If the gas lift is stuck in the chair seat, return to step 3 and repeat steps 3, 4, and 5 again. Check to make sure shaft collar B is clamped as tight as possible!

Step 6 - Remove Chair Base

  1. Using a waste basket, lay the base over the top with the gas lift pointing into the basket. The bottom of the base should be visible. Then using a hammer, strike the bottom surface of the old gas lift until the base is separated. The old gas lift should fall into the wastebasket.

What if the gas lift still doesn’t budge?

  1. First try applying some WD40 or similar penetrating oil product to where the cylinder meets the chair base. Wait about 5 minutes and repeat step 6. If this still doesn’t work, try letting the WD40 sit overnight. (Be sure to cover the area you are working in with a protective cover or plastic sheet to avoid any oil spilling onto your flooring surface).

  2. If you are still unable to remove the gas lift please contact our office at 1-800-661-8568 or email for the traditional gas lift removal instructions.

Step 7 - Install New Cylinder/Gas Lift

  1. Grab your new gas lift and look to see if there is a plastic cap covering the button on the top of the lift - if there is you must remove it. If you do not remove the plastic cap the gas lift will not work properly. (Note: Not all gas lifts come with the cap)

  2. Set the chair base flat on the floor. Place the new gas lift in the 2” hole located in the chairbase.

  3. Place the chair seat onto the new cylinder by aligning the chair seat hole with the new cylinder.

  4. Sit on the chair and use the chair lift lever to test the gas lift. Congratulations, the replacement is complete!