Please follow the instructions provided in the PDF below. It contains detailed step-by-step instructions with images.

How to assemble your Gokhale Method chair: 

  • Pull out the items in your box

    - Star shaped chair base

    - Air lift

    - Seat pan

    - Chair back

    - Hex key

  • Place the wider end of the gas lift into the star-shaped chair base

  • Remove the plastic top (this will be a brightly colored plastic)  on the narrow end of the gas lift

  • Look at the bottom of the seat pan - you will see a round hole. 

  • Turn the seat pan over, and place the hole directly over the gas lift.

  • Remove the screws and washers from the seat back with your hex key.

  • Insert the seat back into the metal slot of the seat pan.

  • Sit on the seat pan to lock the gas lift in place.

  • Align the screw holes.

  • Put the washers onto the bolts.

  • Screw the three bolts into the three holes in the now affixed seat pan and seat back. Tighten each bolt by hand a little bit at a time. It is important to rotate between all three bolts so that the pressure is evenly distributed

  • Complete the tightening process using the largest hex key.

Congratulations on assembling your chair - enjoy!