The seat height is only defined by the gas lift and is the same for the Petite Gokhale Pain-Free Chair and the Standard Gokhale Pain-Free Chair.

The Petite chair has a smaller seat pan and a smaller and lower back rest.

Q: I am short. My height falls lower than 5 feet. 

A: Smaller body types that have shorter height, legs, waist, and torso tends to be comfortable with a Petite Chair.

Q: Originally, I’m 5’2”. I lost 2 inches and gained shorter on the waist due to a condition (e.g scoliosis). What chair do you recommend?

A: Although you are higher than 5 feet, the waist and pelvis will be comfortably fitted in a Petite Chair.  The part that connects the backrest and seat pan in a Petite Chair is relatively shorter than a Standard Chair. Thus, people who are short-waisted prefer a Petite Chair.

Q: I am 5’5”, short legs, and long-waisted. What chair would be best?

A: Standard Chair works for a wide range of heights taller than 5 feet. It is also important to note if you have a long waist or torso. If you want the backrest to fall in the middle or upper part of your back then Standard works fine. And If you have shorter legs, Standard Chair with a small or standard lift depends on how short your legs are. 

Q: I am 6’3”. Will a Standard Chair be enough?

A: Definitely. Specifically, a Standard Chair with a Tall Gas Lift is preferable. Please check your ideal seat height before deciding on a gas lift.

Disclaimer: This is intended to be a guide or reference only. Every person has different body types, measurements, sitting requirements, and other needs.