We record our workshops in high-definition (HD) but the player we use should adjust the video quality to your relative connection speed. If the video does not play a few seconds after you click "play", the problem is likely due to a slow internet connection.

Videos may be slow to load using:

  • analog / dial-up (60 kilobits per second)
  • DSL
  • satellite internet

Fast internet connections are ideal for watching videos, such as:

  • cable internet (25 megabits per second)
  • fiber-optic (100 megabits per second)

If you have a slow internet connection, you may need to wait for the video to load. If you are using wireless internet, try moving to a different location within your home or area where you have three or more bars.

To test your internet speed: http://speedtest.net/(link is external)
If it is slower than 20 Mbps, please be patient while the video loads.