Prior to your scheduled Online Initial Consultation, you are required to sent intake photos. The following photos are needed:

1. Side view of you sitting using the backrest of a chair.

2. Side view of sitting on the front half of a chair (not using the backrest).

3. Side view of you standing.

4. Side view of you picking a pencil up off the ground.

5. Front view of you standing

6. A close-up of your face.

Once you reach your 18th lesson, you are required to send in your after photos. The following photos are needed: 

1. Stretchsitting - profile view sitting in a chair against a backrest

2. Stacksitting - profile view sitting farther forward / towards the front of the chair (not using a backrest)

3. Tallstanding - profile view standing

4. Hip-hinging - profile view bending

5. Tallstanding with Inner Corset - front view standing (facing the camera)

The before and after photos are sent to Once the photos are uploaded by our admin staff, an email will be sent indicating that the photos are now available to view. You can click the link on the email to access it. This requires you to log in to your Gokhale Method account first.

You can also view the photos at any given time by logging in to the Gokhale Method website. Go to the User Dashboard  ("Me" tab located at the right-hand corner of the page). Then click on Profile. 

This will direct you to your profile page that displays your before and after photos in a side-by-side format for easy comparison. You can also click on the other tab for Extra Pictures.